Some Unusual Removal Jobs.

Delivering a Pianola Delivering a Pianola
This was a tricky one right from the very start. The access road was very narrow with overhanging trees so the lorry could not come right up to the house. The heavy pianola had to be moved across a lawn without damaging either the lawn or the pianola! Then through two rooms and all by no more than muscle power and a wealth of skill and experience.
Grand Piano in a Loft Grand Piano in a Loft
Our job here was to get a grand piano out of a loft that had been put there before the roof was put on. We had to remove the loft stairs and lower the heavy piano through the hole by just muscle power and skill.
Delivering a Sculpture Delivering a Sculpture
Our job was to deliver a heavy stone sculpture and place it in a garden behind the property with no road access. This called for specialist equipment and a lot of our specialist skill and experience. Definitely a job for the professionals!

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